Seeing Science in London


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It doesn’t take long to create a great science trip itinerary in the capital! Because while it may be well-known for its galleries and theatres, the city also has a great claim to fame in its science-themed offering.

Slip on your white coat and we’ll dive into a world of human discovery in London…

Science Museum

Science fans are sure to want to become one of the three million-plus annual visitors to this fascinating attraction on Exhibition Road.

One of the museum’s newest attractions is the freshly opened Information Age gallery, which debuted in October. This space is all about communicating and focusses on a series of networks we use for this very task.

The display stretches over 2,500 square metres and combines over 800 items belonging to the Science Museum with interactive displays.

You’ll discover things about the telegraph, phone communication, TV and radio, the use of satellites to send messages, how computers work in networks and communicating via mobile.

Elsewhere in the Science Museum, there are a host of other exciting attractions, such as the history and science flavoured Making of the Modern World exhibition and the out-of-this-world Exploring Space section.

Natural History Museum

This Cromwell Road attraction is home to the likes of dinosaurs, The Vault (which is all about things like crystals and gems), the art-themed Images of Nature space and much more besides. Around five million people pay the attraction a visit every year.

Just opened here, the latest Wildlife Photographer of the Year display is set to run until August 30th 2015. Among the images being displayed is Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols’ picture of lions and cubs, which recently led him to be given the title Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The British Museum

The British Museum’s main focus is really history, but science does have a role to play…

For example, the Ancient Lives, new discoveries exhibition has a scientific thread. The display – focussing on eight different mummies – which was due to close on November 30th, has been extended by the museum and is on show until April 19th next year.

Visitors get to see inside mummies’ cases, thanks to the latest technology. The remains involved were all recently investigated using scientific methods.

London Museums of Health & Medicine

This is a group of museums including The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret, The British Dental Association Dental Museum, the Science Museum and many more, as explained on its helpful website.

There’s not space here to cover them all, but to pick out just one, the Dental Museum, on Wimpole Street, includes the likes of drills, toothbrushes, false teeth and other pieces of dentistry’s history.

London Science Festival

If you’re looking to take a science break in London this month, you might want to find out more about the London Science Festival 2014, which is happening from November 12th to 19th.

Where to stay

To really make the most of London’s science scene, you’ll want to spend more than a day in the city and The Montcalm luxury hotels in London can certainly help here.