What to see near Sloane Square

Sloane Square

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If you’re an avid traveler and like to make sure you always see the best of everywhere you go, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit London. The city is full of famous boroughs, districts, streets and squares that all offer something different.

If you’re planning your London getaway then a trip to Sloan Square should definitely be included in your itinerary. The historic area is teeming with attractions and activities so we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite things in Sloan Square that we know will make your stay at The Montcalm Luxury hotels extra special.

Cadogan Hall

Sloan Terrace, London

If you’re looking for entertainment then this iconic 950-seat theatre always has something going on. For years Cadogan Hall has played host to all sorts of events, from children’s storytelling to live music and dancing. If you’re travelling with your wife or girlfriend, a night out at this gorgeous venue would make a perfect date night. If you’re staying at our luxury hotels in London with friends, be sure to check out the Cadogan Hall events calendar and keep an eye out for any upcoming performances.

Saatchi Gallery

King’s Road, London

Saatchi Gallery London

Founded by one of the most renowned artists of the last century, the Saatchi Gallery is a contemporary paradise that features some of the finest artwork in the world. Charles Saatchi is a highly respected member of the art community and opened up his own gallery in 1985. The gallery is also known for showcasing work by unknown artists, which has helped countless hopefuls launch themselves into successful careers. If you like to stay on the forefront of the art scene then a trip to the Saatchi Gallery is your chance to see works by some of the most promising new artists. If you’re bringing the kids along with you to The Montcalm Luxury hotels this is a perfect opportunity to spark their interest in art and design.

Holy Trinity

Sloane Square

Holy Trinity London

One of the things that makes London such an amazing place to visit is its rich culture and selection of breath-taking historic buildings. Sloane Square is full of beautiful architecture and the Holy Trinity Church is a perfect example. The building was constructed in the 1800s and has served as a place of worship for millions of locals and travelers from around the world. The striking architecture and beautiful interior design provides a perfect photo opportunity for any budding photographers. Step inside the church and explore centuries of history as you admire the intricate artwork and gorgeous stained glass.


Brompton Road, London


Experience the type of high-end shopping that London is known for by taking a trip to the city’s most famous department store. Harrods was founded as a quaint food market over 180 years ago and has grown to become one of London’s biggest retailers, where shoppers can find everything from vintage fashion boutiques to luxury jewels. If you’re looking to do some shopping while you’re in London there’s no better place than Harrods.