See the lights of London


London’s city skyline is one of the most beautiful views in the world and is instantly recognisable thanks to the iconic landmarks and attractions throughout the city. When evening approaches and the sun goes down, London only gets more beautiful as the lights of the city start to illuminate the streets. The millions of lights and colours around the city create a truly amazing spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. From giant street decorations to thousand year old architecture, the lights of London can be found everywhere. We’ve put together a few of our favourite luminescent spots so you can snap some amazing pictures on your trip to London.

South Bank

South Bank

Take a walk alongside the River Thames and around the South Bank area to see some of the best of London’s lights. Stroll by the South Bank Centre and look across at the astonishing Parliament building as it illuminates the water with a spectacular display of colour. Thousands of lights cover the surface of Westminster and the Big Ben Clock Tower creating a spectacle like no other. There’s no better place to snap a picture of Britain’s historic political building than from across the Thames at night.



London’s most famous department store is also one of the city’s most beautiful works of luminescent art. Come nightfall the huge building lights up to create a beacon for shoppers on Knightsbridge. The outside of the popular shopping establishment has been carefully quilted in warm colour, creating the impression that the building itself is made of light. During your stay at one of our luxury hotels in London take a walk down the busy shopping district of Knightsbridge and you won’t be able to miss the iconic Harrods as it lights up the street.

Trafalgar Square

National portrait gallery and Trafalgar Square

The lights at this historic London square are some of the most beautiful in the city. The huge fountain at the centre lights up with a flurry of different colours through the night, creating beautiful photo opportunities. Stroll through the square and past the historic monuments as your breath is taken away by the iconic National Portrait Gallery, which looks even more epic when it’s lit up. Trafalgar Square is the perfect spot for an evening stroll if you’re on a date or with the family.

Piccadilly Circus

Often referred to as the UK’s answer to Time Square in America, this busy junction is a neon wonderland full of giant screens and lighting fixtures. The bright and bold lights will mesmerise you as they fill the streets with colour. Make your way through the bustling crowd as you try to find the best angle for your photographs.

The Shard

Don’t just settle for a few of London’s lights when you can get a picture of them all. Take a ride to the top of the city’s tallest building to get the ultimate view of London’s illuminated cityscape. You might even be able to spot The Montcalm at The Brewery if you look close enough. If you really want to get the best view of this amazing city then there’s no better vantage spot.