Where to see drama in London

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If you’re looking for entertainment, there’s no better place to go than London. The city is packed full of amazing venues which regularly host some of the best shows in the world. Thousands of visitors venture to the stages of London every night to enter a world of drama see award-winning performances from the city’s best actors.

If you’re a fan of serious theatre you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit the Marble Arch By Montcalm London thanks to its central location near a number of famous theatres. From timeless love stories to dark dramas, you will find something for every occasion. Check out our ultimate guide to London’s best dramatic theatres so you can make the most of your time at our hotels in central London.

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National Theatre

South Bank, London

For over 40 years this iconic venue has played host to some of the best performances and productions in the country. The National Theatre operates on public funding and has provided a platform for unknown directors and performers to make a name for themselves. There are three different auditoriums in the theatre, each regularly hosting different styles of performance. If you’re a fan of classic theatrical be sure to head over from our hotels in central London and check out the performance of works by Shakespeare.

Barbican Centre

Silk Street, London

The Barbican Centre is much more than just a theatre. It is a beacon of entertainment for Londoners and has been providing visitors with entertainment and culture for decades. The Barbican prides itself on pushing the boundaries of modern entertainment by providing a stage for alternative forms of theatre, dance, music and film. The multiple performance venues within the centre are always full of excited visitors looking to watch the next best show. Be sure to check out the upcoming events and spend an evening or two at the Barbican during your time in London.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe

New Globe Walk, London

If you’re looking for classic dramatic theatre there’s no better place to go than the famous Globe Theatre. This iconic venue was the birth place of modern theatre and was the place where many of Shakespeare’s greatest works were heard for the first time. The current Globe Theatre is an exact replica of the original which was built in the 16th century and has provided a stage to some of the world’s most renowned performers. An evening at the Globe Theatre is more than just a great night out, it is a trip back in time. Make your way to the theatre and uncover centuries of history and culture.

Open Air Theatre

Regent’s Park, London

For a much more intimate theatre experience head over to Regent’s Park and take a seat in the magical outdoor theatre. Although there are fewer seats to be found at the Open Air Theatre, the shows are like no others in London. Spend your evening under the stars as you spend the night on the edge of your seat listening to tales of love, loss and adventure. This is a truly unique experience for anyone in search of quality entertainment in London.