A Quick Guide to All of The Royal Parks


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For years the beautiful Royal Parks of London have provided a scenic escape for locals and travellers looking to get away from the busy shopping districts and spend some time with their friends and family in the sun.

Each one of the great parks in London has its own rich history and offers all sorts of different scenery and attractions. There are a number of parks in easy reach of our London city suites hotel, which means that you’ll never be too far from a hidden green paradise while you’re in London. To give you a closer look at the city’s Royal Parks we’ve put together this helpful guide so you can plan out which ones you want to visit.

Hyde Park

Italian Gardens at Hyde Park in London

This is London’s most famous park and is a tourist hotspot thanks to its beautiful scenery and iconic attractions. As you stroll through the park you’ll find all kinds of gorgeous statues and monuments, including the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Kensington Gardens

Queen Victoria Statue in Kensington Gardens, London England

Kensington Gardens was once part of Hyde Park but became so popular that it was distinguished as its own space. This is a must-see spot for art lovers as it’s home to the Serpentine Galleries, which specialises in contemporary art.

Richmond Park

London Richmond Park

If you really want to escape into the great outdoors during your time at the Montcalm Shoreditch, this is the park for you. With huge wide open spaces and beautiful natural scenery, Richmond Park is the perfect place for a family bike ride.

Bushy Park

pond in the Bushy Park

You’ll feel as though you’ve left London behind and made your way into the wilderness as you explore the beautiful Bushy Park. Famous for its roaming herds of deer, the park features gardens, hidden woodland pathways and winding waterways. Be sure to take your camera and snap some shots of the wildlife if you do decide to visit Bushy Park.

St James’s Park

St. James Park in London

Located close to Buckingham Palace, this is one of London’s oldest parks and is highly recommended if you only have a short amount of time in the city. The famous Horse Guards Parade can often be seen taking place at St James’s Park, so be sure to stop by and watch one of the most entertaining royal ceremonies of the year.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park features the ultimate collection of gardens and sculptures for those looking to take some amazing photos on their London trip. Stroll through the grounds and discover the gorgeous Triton Fountain and over 12,000 roses in Queen Mary’s Garden. The park also offers state of the art sports facilities if you’re looking to get active or play some sports.

Victoria Tower Gardens

Victoria Tower Gardens

If you’re travelling around the city with your kids then this is a great spot to stop off and rest your legs. Let the young ones run around on the playground as you relax and admire the Houses of Parliament, which sit alongside Victoria Tower Gardens.