Planning a special occasion? London’s most indulgent Michelin-starred restaurants

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Everyone loves dining out. Eating expertly prepared food that you didn’t have to make yourself is one of the greatest pleasures in life. What’s even better is eating somewhere that’s not only good, but has been recognised for its greatness.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants in the capital, but only a small percentage have an elusive, hard-gained Michelin star. It’s a sign of the utmost achievement in cooking, and it guarantees a great experience.

So, let’s run down some of the most special, most indulgent Michelin starred restaurants in the capital.

Dinner by Heston

Heston Blumenthal’s first London-based restaurant, and a fine one it is too. Not restraining his reputation and want for experimentation, Dinner by Heston features a menu of indulgent and cutting-edge recipes.

You can sample Salamagundy for a starter – chicken oysters, salsify, horseradish cream and pickled walnuts – and go for the Powdered Duck Breast for a main course. Deserts are where the indulgent luxury comes in, providing a range of treats from ‘Tipsy Cake’ to Brown Bread Ice Cream.

Now sitting at two Michelin stars, it probably won’t be long until a third is incoming.


Situated on Berkeley Street, Nobu has rapidly grown into one of the most popular restaurants in London. It quickly gained a reputation for sumptuous food and innovative ideas, so it’s no surprise the Michelin gourmets were impressed.

Dinner could comprise salmon with caviar, or perhaps you’d prefer lobster salad with a spicy lemon dressing. For desert, there’s a wide range of spirits – some familiar and some not so familiar – and, of course, the sweets. Berkeley cheese cake has its fans, whilst the warm chocolate satandangi comprises a warm chocolate ganache with almond ice cream, caramelised pistachios and a mixed berry coulis.

A Wong

Sporting a less rarefied look than the previous two entries, A Wong is still every bit as impressive in the food it delivers. Founded by Chinese chef, Andrew Wong – hence the name – it delivers some of the very best dim sum to be found anywhere in the capital.

Many reviewers and observers were saying it was long overdue recognition in the form of a Michelin star and in 2017, it finally received one. Offerings are vast and you can sample anything from scallop puffs to pork and prawn dumplings with pork crackling. Be warned though, it is not always possible to stop eating at A Wong once you start, so give yourself a mandated cut-off point before you start in on the delicacies on offer.


Started back in 2011 and based in Chiswick, Hedone gained its Michelin star only a year after opening. In 2017, it was named one of the best 50 restaurants in the world.

Hedone is known for its fresh, best quality ingredients and the creativity on offer. Head chef and founder, Mikael Jonsson favours fresh, bold ideas so there is no set menu on offer. You need to go along to see what the flavour of the day is. Meat, fish and fowl are the bases of the menu, with new recipes coming forth all the time. It’s a unique eatery and one of the very best in all of London.