Make London your racecourse with parkour


The last two decades have brought about a lot of new fads, trends and crazes. From cat videos to zombie-infested urban escape games, the world of popular culture has seen a lot of changes since the millennium. One of the trends that has really taken off in recent years is Parkour, which is the art of moving across cityscapes and obstacles with speed and precision. It is a concept that was born in France and has taken the world by storm after starting out as a form of acrobatic entertainment that appeared in a number of YouTube videos.

More recently the world of parkour has become a sport in its own right, with official tournaments and contests being held all over the world. It’s only natural that an urban paradise such as London has become a hotspot for parkour enthusiasts from around the globe. If you want to see some incredible acrobatic skills or want to try your hand at parkour then check out some of these places where you can get closer to the action.

Parkour Generation

If you’re totally new to parkour and you want to learn some of the basic moves then Parkour Generation is the type of friendly venue that’s perfect to get started. The specialist gym holds daily classes and personal tutorials for those looking to get into shape and develop skills that’ll get you moving around obstacles in no time. This chain has become a pillar of the city’s parkour community and is the perfect place for you to improve your skills, strength and fitness during your stay at our Montcalm Hotels London.

Single Bound

This friendly band of free-runners has grown to become one of the best parkour groups in the country. The professional teachers at SingleBound offer classes to people of all abilities and skill levels. If you want to get involved in the movement then there’s no better place than this to learn about the history of Parkour and how it’s evolved over the years. If you want to try your hand at martial arts then you can also take part in regular hand-to-hand combat classes that teach self-defence moves and martial art-style acrobatics.

UCLU Parkour Club

If you really want to delve deep into the world of parkour and free-running then the UCLA Parkour Club will teach you about the fundamentals of the parkour lifestyle. Learn from the best and train your body to become stronger, faster and more agile as you learn the benefits and applications of free-running. The people at UCLU explain how it’s a lifestyle choice which requires dedication and focus. If you really want to challenge yourself by pushing your mind and body to the limit then head to UCLU to begin your journey into the world of parkour. It’s easy to reach it from all of our Montcalm Hotels London.

ICU Parkour Society

The Imperial College Union has adopted the art of parkour with open arms and have started a society which promotes the benefits of getting active by learning parkour. The union has made a big push to get more people involved by merging with the gymnastics society. The classes and sessions are open to people of all abilities, giving you the chance to learn alongside other novice-level runners.