London Zoo Welcomes New Arrivals

London Zoo

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Hidden cameras have captured three beautiful tiger cubs being born at London Zoo, one of the city’s top tourist attractions. Officials at the zoo have confirmed that they were born to Sumatran tigress Melati on February 3rd after a pregnancy lasting 106 days.

London Zoo

The incredible process was followed using remote camera technology, which allowed officials to keep track of what is an incredibly intimate process. The cubs were born within an hour of each other but the zoo has yet to establish the sex of them. It comes as a welcome boost to the zoo, which recently saw the death of its first Sumatran tiger cub in 17 years.

London zoo

Keepers at the zoo were left felling thoroughly distraught when it was discovered that the cub was found drowned inside the tigers’ enclosure. However, that sense of pain has been eased somewhat by the new arrival. Zookeeper Teague Stubbing ton commented: “We couldn’t be more delighted with our new arrivals, and with how Melati is responding to her three cubs.” We’ve been observing them 24/7, and one of us is always on duty to keep an eye on the little ones throughout the night. “We’ve even been able to observe key milestones like their eyes opening and their tentative first steps.”

London Zoo

He added that one of the cubs has been named Trouble, owing to the fact that it is discernibly bolder than the other animals. Visitors to the zoo, meanwhile, are free to see the father of the cubs, Jae Jae, in the Tiger Territory. The zoo offers a great day out for all the family and is especially good if you’re travelling with young children and are looking to ignite their imaginations. It’s also close by tube from great hotels in Marble Arch. Certainly, the chance to see spectacular animals like tigers and giraffes in the flesh is one you won’t want to pass up.