London- a city of artistic inspiration

science museum london entrance

The beautiful city of London is a bustling place full of iconic scenery and deep-rooted history. Throughout the centuries it has been home to some of the world’s greatest creative minds and has been the inspiration behind countless famous works of art. London draws in millions of artists and creatives every year who come with the hopes of drawing inspiration from this historic city and to display their works at one of the many galleries and exhibits.

If you’re a painter, drawer, musician, sculptor or any kind of creator, stay at the Montcalm Marble Arch and immerse yourself in history and culture. Our list of beautiful iconic spots is sure to help you find inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.


It may seem like an obvious place to start but if you’re looking for artistic inspiration then where better to look than the homes of amazing artwork? The chances are that you’ve probably frequented the various London museums if you’re an artist, but for some inspiration try visiting galleries that aren’t directly connected with your chosen craft, or museums that offer a different perspective.

If you’re a painter or a sculpture then visit the Science Museum to browse the collection of futuristic technology and you may find yourself getting inspired by the shapes and materials of the exhibits. Inspiration can often come when you least expect it so get out of your comfort zone and start looking outside the box for ideas.

West End

The famous shows staged in venues across the city’s world-renowned West End are sure to get your ideas flowing. Musicians are sure to find some kind of inspiration from the sensational music numbers and incredible productions in the West End. Artists will be bombarded with colour as they watch magnificent stage productions such as The Lion King. If you want to get inspired or at the very least have an amazing night full of fun and laughter, then head over to the West End and check out a show.

Royal Parks

The parks in London are some of the most famous in the country and have been providing artists with a peaceful setting for centuries. The beauty of green havens like Hyde Park is sure to get your paintbrushes moving and your pencil scribbling. Take a walk from the Montcalm Marble Arch and find a nice spot to get set up with your paper and paints of choice; before you know it you may even have a masterpiece on your hands. Even if you don’t find a view that you want to illustrate, the parks in London can still provide you with a peaceful escape from the city streets to clear your head and get inspired.

River Thames

London’s biggest and most famous waterway has been a gateway to the capital for centuries and has given inspiration to countless painters, poets and writers. The river itself is vast and often bustling with boats, making it the perfect subject for a painting, photo or drawing. If you can’t find inspiration in the water then take a stroll alongside the mighty river and you’ll find an array of landmarks, attractions and famous buildings that are sure to fill your mind with ideas.