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The music and party scene in London is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the country. From the buzzing nightclubs in Soho to the quirky venues spread throughout Camden, Britain’s capital is alive with energy. Millions of people get dressed up and head out every night to let their hair down and bust some moves on the dancefloors of London’s top venues. If you enjoy throwing shapes on a night out or you’ve got an event coming up and want to improve your moves, here’s a handy guide to show you the type of dancing you can learn in London.



If you’ve ever watched classic films and wished it could be you in the middle of the floor floating around seamlessly to beautiful music, then you should try out a ballroom dancing class. Learn elegant classics like the waltz and the tango or get your feet moving with more upbeat dances like the Charleston and the Cha Cha. If you have a wedding or formal event coming up then you can impress others on the dancefloor with your newly acquired moves. Ballroom classes are a perfect addition to a couple’s weekend at The Montcalm London Marble Arch if you’re looking for relaxing spa breaks London.


Try something different and enter a world of vibrant culture and expressive movement with Bollywood dance classes. This energetic style of dance comes from a rich history of eastern culture and has brought Indian cinema to life for decades. Even if you’ve never danced like this before it’s a great way to learn about a rich culture, pick up some great new moves and improve your fitness at the same time.

Street Dancing

Thanks to films like Step Up and TV talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent, street dancing has become hugely popular. The high-energy movement, unique style and precise cerography has amazed audiences all over the world and has created a new expressive genre of urban dance. If you’re planning any up-coming dance battles or you just want to try and spin on your head then street dance classes will get you up and active. The fun and exciting nature of street dance is perfect for friends and families who want to try something new and have fun at the same time.


If you’re travelling to London as a couple and you want to try something new and exciting then the passion of Latin dance is sure to turn the heat up and spark romance. Spin your partner around and pull them close with the salsa or have fun learning the quick-paced mambo. The list of Latin dance styles is full of fun and exciting moves that are sure to get your legs moving and your heart racing.

Tap Dance

Learn one of the noisiest but most famous styles of dance in entertainment history. Tap dance took the TV and film industry by storm over the last century with famous tappers gracing the silver screen with their well-timed musical performances. If you’ve ever wanted to get your feet moving on the boards of London then grab a pair of shoes and get tapping.