Is it worth visiting the Shard in London ?

The Shard

London has many notable buildings, and the Shard is one of the most popular with visitors eager to see the city from a different vantage point. Whether you’re staying in England’s capital for the first time or want to try something new on a return trip, here’s all you need to know about the Shard…

What is the Shard?

The Shard is an enormous structure in the city of London, with 95-storeys and measuring 1016ft high. It is currently the tallest building in the UK, and the fifth-tallest building anywhere in Europe. Construction was completed in 2012, and areas of the building then began to open to the public. There are 72 floors and an observation dock, known as the View from the Shard. This proves a major draw for visitors, and provides a unique attraction for guests at the Montcalm Royal London House.

Why is it named ‘the Shard’?

The building was designed to look like a shard of glass, and reflects the light to take on a different appearance with each changing season. Despite its ‘glass-like’ facade, the building itself is known to be quite stable, and capable of withstanding the sometimes temperamental British weather.

Depending on the time of year you visit the Montcalm at Brewery City, the Shard will look a little different and the views from the top will offer great material for budding photographers.

The View from the Shard

View from shard

Without doubt the highlight of any visit to the Shard, the View from the Shard enables you to see up to 40 miles of skyline on a clear day, taking in some of the most incredible local sights in one go, including London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament.

There are touch-screen operated digital telescopes which enable you to get a clearer view of each major landmark, with more than 200 available to see up-close from this vantage point. One of the key things to know about the Shard is that the upper viewing platform on the 72nd floor gives arguably the best views in the entire city.

Additional attractions at the Shard

There is much more to do at the Shard than simply admire the view. The lower level of the property includes a screen providing information on some of the other great attractions in the city, making it ideal for those unsure what to do next. There is also lots of information on key figures who have helped make London what it is today.

There are also plenty of dining options, great for anyone who’d rather not brave the trip all the way to the top of the venue, but still appreciate a great view. The 31st and 32nd floors are the places to be for fantastic food and drink at venues such as Chinese-inspired Hutong, and spacious and airy Bar 31. Gong, on the 52nd floor, is a great place to finish an evening of sightseeing with a few cocktails while enjoying your own trip to the Shard.