How to spend your time if you only have one day in London


Unfortunately, not everyone who visits London will get enough time to see and experience everything the vibrant capital city has to offer. If you have just one day in London it’s impossible to see it all but, the good news is that you can make a respective dent in the must-see list.

Whether you’re travelling for business purposes or you’re simply passing through on your travels, our hotels near Chiswell Street London have everything you need. In case you’re worried about missing the best bits of the city, here are some of the must-see places to make your day trip to the M By Montcalm Shoreditch more memorable.


There are few areas in London that pack so much culture and history into as small a space as the historic borough of Westminster. As the political hub of London and one of the city’s oldest and most iconic districts, Westminster is home to some of the most famous landmarks and attractions in the world.

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at one of our luxurious hotels near Chiswell Street London, take a trip to the heart of Westminster and spend the day strolling around. Here you’ll discover sites such as Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and a plethora of statues and monuments dedicated to all kinds of famous historical figures.


Take a stroll alongside the famous River Thames and discover the hidden treasures that dot one of the most popular and vibrant areas of the city. Southbank has become a bustling place of trade and entertainment which attracts millions of visitors every year. It is home to the iconic Southbank Centre, which offers entertainment seekers a chance to catch some of the city’s best performances. You will also find one of London’s most colourful and diverse marketplaces. The Southbank Market is made up of traders and merchants who specialise in everything from vintage clothes and handmade accessories to luxury drinks and international food.

Museum tour

It would be a shame to travel all the way to one of the most historic cities on earth and not visit one of its amazing museums or galleries. There are plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking to uncover history. The cultural institutions in London are among the most famous in the world and are revered for housing some of the biggest and most diverse collections of artefacts and documents. Take a trip to the Natural History Museum and walk with the dinosaurs or head over to the wondrous Science Museum and marvel at how robotics technology is changing the way we live. There’s plenty to see and discover, whatever your preference.

Oxford Street

One thing that tempts most people visiting London is the shopping scene. It’s almost impossible to visit the capital without indulging in a bit of shopping, especially when you see how many amazing high-end shops and boutiques are scattered throughout the city. To save time, head straight to Oxford Street. As you stroll through the famous shopping district, you’ll find everything from vintage fashion to high-tech gadgets.