How to Cover the Major sights from RLH – The Tube, Where to Get off and What to See

Roman London Walking Tour

When you’re visiting London for the first time – or even the second time, for that matter – finding your way around can sometimes feel a little confusing. Locals might swish on and off the Tube, knowing where to go and the right lines to use, but that’s not always the case for visitors to the city.

And that’s why we’ve put together this guide, showing you how to get to three major sights from Montcalm Royal London House without the hassle.

Palace of Westminster

As the home of parliamentary democracy, the Palace of Westminster attracts vast numbers of visitors every year. From the history to the dramatic, gothic grandeur of the place, it’s a spot that every visitor to London has to see at least once. And, happily, it’s easy to reach from the many hotels near Chiswell Street London.

Westminster Palace in London

All you need to do is take a five-minute walk from Montcalm Royal London House to the nearby Moorgate Station.  Once there, you’ll want to hop on the Northern Line (shown in black on Tube maps) using the Morden via Bank train. This will take you to London Bridge Station, and from there you need to hop on the Jubilee Line for Stanmore. The Jubilee Line will take you directly to Westminster Station, and once you emerge from there, it’s just a five-minute walk to the Palace of Westminster.

The London Eye

If you’re seeking unparalleled views of the London skyline, then you’ll want to make your way to the London Eye. The journey will take about 25-minutes via tube, and the numbers of changes you have to make are minimal, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. And, better yet, the stop you need is just a two-minute walk from Montcalm Royal London.


Begin by making your way to Epworth Street – Stop E – and Jump on the Central Line 76 bound for Waterloo. The journey from here takes about twenty minutes, passing right under the heart of the city and St Paul’s Cathedral. Look out for County Hall – Stop G – because this is where you’ll need to jump off. Once there, you’ll probably spy the London Eye straight away, but – just in case – as long as you’re heading along Belvedere Road and alongside Jubilee Gardens, you’ll be there in about four minutes.

The Tower of London

What trip to London could ever really be complete without a visit to the Tower of London? It’s a place drenched with history, and Kings and Queens have called the Tower their final place of residence before the inevitable. You can get there in less than twenty-minutes from Montcalm’s London City Suites Hotels, and it’s one sight you won’t want to miss.

tower of london

To get there, make the five-minute walk to Moorgate and Jump on the yellow Circle Line bound for Liverpool Street. This will take you to Tower Hill – with only three stops along the way – and this is where you want to disembark. From Tower Hill, it’s about a five-minute walk to the Tower of London.