Have fun with the kids in London


If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained on your next trip to the capital, then you ought to take advantage of the great range of museums and exhibitions that London has to offer, all of wich are easily accessible from any of the Montcalm Hotels. Some of these are sure to ignite the imagination of your kids, who may otherwise find it tough to get excited by such subjects.For example, a new biology exhibition is being staged at the British Library, entitled Beautiful Science.

The exhibition is designed to open the eyes of the public to the more accessible side of biology – which is certainly welcome if you’re travelling with young children. To the untrained eye, Martin Krzywinski’s array of brightly coloured circles might not look like much at all. The reality, though, is very different. The exhibition focuses on data visualization and features a statistical diagram from 1858 by Florence Nightingale, which helped to prove that more soldiers died from preventable diseases due to poor sanitary conditions than from battle wounds.

What’s more, there is a map from 1854 that plots the occurrences of cholera, which enabled John Snow to show that the disease was not actually airborne. But what if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing?

Well, you needn’t worry as London is home to loads of great museums, many of which are perfect if you’re travelling with little ones.Among the most appealing sites in the city are the Natural History Museum and the London Transport Museum.

These are two of the best places to visit, as there is plenty of visual stuff that will keep your little one engrossed on your next trip to the capital.Alternatively, you can take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, one of the country’s top attractions. London really is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking to enjoy a day out with the family.