A gamer’s guide to London


Gaming has become extremely popular over the last decade and has grown from being a childhood hobby to a worldwide phenomenon and multibillion pound industry. What used to be considered in the mainstream as a waste of time for young people is now a legitimate career path with huge tournaments and contests taking place all over the world.


London has helped pave the way for the gaming movement and has become home to a number of gaming-related venues, events and shops. This gamer’s guide to London will help you find the best spots if you’re an avid gamer or you’re looking to buy a gift for a friend or relative.


Gaming-themed clubs and bars have sprung up all over London in recent years, providing gamers with a fun social space to get competitive and have a laugh with friends. This Tokyo-style gaming joint has a collection of every gaming console you can think of, from vintage Nintendo to the latest PlayStation 4. If you’re an old-school gamer looking to play some of your favourite classic titles then Loading is a great place to soak yourself in digital nostalgia. If you’re more into current generation gaming then experience the competition of high-octane racing games or fight of hordes of zombies with your friends on the cutting-edge consoles at Loading.

Forbidden Planet

This huge comic book and memorabilia shop is a haven for gaming nerds and comic geeks all over London. From a modest shop that sold a collection of graphic novels, Forbidden Planet has grown into a central hub for gamers who love the super hero and sci-fi genres. Collect your favourite super characters in the form of bobble heads and figurines. Browse the selection of retro game memorabilia and find a perfect gift to treat yourself or your gamer friend.

Google Campus

The world’s biggest search engine has created venues all of the world for developers and enthusiasts to gather, share their thoughts and test their mobile applications. The free space is often visited by technology buffs and developers looking to create the next big app or game. Get a closer look at the process of app development and perhaps get a heads up on the newest games before they’re released.

Orcs Nest

This specialist in adventure games is for those traditional gamers who were battling demons and saving the world long before gaming consoles existed. Orcs Nest sell a huge collection of table-top action adventure games, from Warhammer to Dungeons and Dragons. If you’re staying at the Montcalm Hotel Chiswell Street then all you need to do is hop on the Tube and head to Earlham Street to find this hidden treasure trove of officially licenced gaming paraphernalia.


This huge chain has branches all over the country but the locations in London are definitely worth checking out during your trip. Game are the country’s biggest retail outlet for video games, consoles and accessories, which means that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at their city stores. Our central London hotels are located close to several of the Game shops, which means you won’t have to travel far to browse the latest blockbuster titles.

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