Five Things You Need to Do in Marble Arch

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Marble Arch is a great part of London. Refined, dripping with history and visually beautiful, it’s one of the best areas in London to get out and explore.

Whether you like the great outdoors, amazing stores for shopping or want to know about the history of the area, Marble Arch has got it. And, if you tire yourself out with all the excitement, you can always retire to the Burdock and Aviary for some lunch and refreshments. So, let’s jump in.

Visit Tyburn Convent

Commonly known by Tyburn Convent, the actual name of the place is ‘Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre’. The place is still a working convent today, with Benedictine nuns living and worshipping on-site. It’s only a short journey from The Montcalm Marble Arch and won’t take long to get there on foot.

The convent came into being back in 1903 when a French order of nuns decided to relocate to London, and it’s a stunning, serene place that you can visit and tour. Your guide will be a Sister of the order, providing insight into the history of the convent.

Marble Arch

No visit to Marble Arch would be complete without paying a visit to the monument that gave the area its name. It’s easy to get to from your Montcalm Hotel London and well worth the effort.

Designed by famous architect John Nash, the arch initially sat on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, but in 1851 it was relocated to its current position. Historically, only members of the Royal Family and their royal guard are allowed to pass through the arch, and it’s a core piece of London history you don’t want to miss.

Hyde Park

Just a quick walk from The Montcalm Marble Arch, Hyde Park is one of the most famous – and beautiful – parks in the world.

It’s a vast place with many beautiful, shady spots for picnics or, if you want to get active, there’s also a boating lake. It’s worth exploring the park and finding everything on-site – from the two Serpentine art galleries to the famous Rose Garden – to make the most of your visit.

Oxford Street

One of the most famous streets in London, Oxford Street is where you want to be if you like big-name and boutique stores. It’s just a quick hop from your Montcalm Hotel London, so you’ve always got a base to drop off your shopping if you overindulge.

Aside from the shopping, Oxford Street is just a beautiful place to see and emblematic of everything that’s great about London.


If you want to experience how the aristocratic and the famous live in London, Mayfair is the perfect place to do it.

The area is gorgeous and sports some of the best architecture in all of London. Mayfair is well-stocked with great eateries and shopping, but it’s the general feel of the place that’s truly special. A summer evening stroll through Mayfair is one of the great pleasures London can offer, and you don’t have far to go to experience it.