Family-Friendly Things To Do Near Euston


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Nothing beats a fun-filled family holiday and there’s no better place for it than the amazing City of London. The bustling boroughs and amazing attractions are enough to get any family excited.

If you’re thinking about a family getaway to England’s capital, you’re probably trying to plan out your days and think of activities that will keep everyone entertained. There are hundreds of things to do just around the corner from our Montcalm hotels London so we’ve focused on one of the city’s hotspots by laying out a list of family-friendly activities in the bustling area of Euston.


Eversholt Street, London

There are a lot of escape rooms popping up around London but this experience offers much more than just finding a few clues. The HintHunt team have created a truly unique experience that’s designed to test different aspects of your intelligence and improve your team-working skills. You can have up to five members, which is perfect if you’re travelling with the kids. Bring your family closer together as you use teamwork to beat the clock and solve a series of different problems and scenarios. HinHunt has been dubbed London’s best escape room so be sure to check it out if you’re staying at the Montcalm Brewery hotel.

London Transport Museum

Melton Street, London

ransport Museum in London, England

Buses, trains, trams and taxis; London is famous for its iconic transport systems that carry millions of people around the city every day. Learn more about the history of public transport in London at this unique museum located next to one of London’s biggest train stations, St Pancras. The exhibits at the museum will take you on a journey through the last 200 years as you discover the history of London’s transport system and how it has helped the city move into the 21st century. As you make your way to our Montcalm hotels London you’ll more than likely make use of public transport so this is a great opportunity to learn more about the trains and buses you used.

The Magic Circle

Stephenson Way, London

Enter the mystical world of wonder as you step inside the most famous home of magic in the UK. As one of the oldest magic organisations in the world, The Magic Circle has become a place of pilgrimage for thousands of conjurers and illusionists around the world. Famous faces such as Derren Brown and Dynamo regularly visit this iconic house of amazement. Parents and children love the wondrous world of magic, which makes this a perfect place for the whole family. The Magic Circle often hosts live shows and tours of its in-house museum, giving you the chance to witness magical miracles performed by the best hands in the business while exploring the rich history of magic.

Grant Museum of Zoology

University Street, London

Take a stroll with the kids to the only remaining museum of zoology in London for an afternoon browsing interesting exhibits and discovering the history of the animal kingdom. The museum was founded in 1828 and houses over 68,000 specimens from all over the world. With skeletons and preserved figures, the museum is a great opportunity to learn about endangered animals and some species you may not have known even existed.