Experience the Murder Mile in Soho


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London is a city full of rich history, urban myths and tall tales about strange events and frightening occurrences.  There’s an area of Soho that’ll give you an inside look at London’s dark and mysterious past by taking you on a trip through back alleys and side streets to the locations of historic crime scenes where murders are known to have taken place. The Murder Mile is a guided tour that offers visitors a devilishly different way to spend their time in the city. Here’s a guide to some of the things you can expect as you walk through time in the footsteps of London’s most infamous killers.

Soho is known worldwide for its vibrant nightlife and strong links with the West End, with its incredible venues that stage amazing productions every night. There’s a darker side to Soho’s history that not many people know about and it involves a lot of promiscuous characters and deadly deeds. The area known as the ‘Murder Mile’ intertwines through backstreets and alley ways around the Soho area. The twisted history of London’s notorious killers and cutthroats is brought to life on this ghoulish tour of known murder locations. If you’re looking for something quirky and different during your stay at the Montcalm Brewery then this award-winning experience will have the hairs on your neck standing at attention.

The three-hour tour takes those with a twisted sense of humour and an interest in London’s dark history on a journey from Tottenham Court Road Station through the streets of Soho, stopping along the way to hear about infamous murder cases and crime scenes. The tour is led by murder history expert, Michael Buchanan-Dunne, whose enthusiasm and knowledge makes it more than just a walk around Soho. The light-hearted nature takes away any morbid feelings and the in-depth knowledge of the crime scenes creates a truly intriguing and interesting experience.

Walk through the shady Soho backstreets to the quaint 18th century shop where husband William Bousfield took the lives of his family members in 1856. Listen to the ghoulish tales of Soho’s bloodiest murder that took place in 1886 when young Eliza Horsman was found dead just two weeks after her wedding. Learn more about one of London’s most infamous murderers, the Blackout Ripper. This fiendish character carried out multiple attacks during the darkness of World War 2 air raids, taking the lives of four women in five nights. After your trip down this gruesome memory lane you can hop on the Tube and head back to the Brewery Hotel London to share some of the dark tales you’ve heard about on your journey.

The dark history of Soho is littered with tragic events and horrific happenings, so if you want to explore these historic crime scenes and learn more about deaths that have made headlines over the last three centuries then grab your walking shoes and head to the Murder Mile.