Enjoy Your Golden Years at The Montcalm

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They say that your best days are behind you once you retire but all it really means is that you have more free time to see the world and do all kinds of amazing things. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying life and there’s plenty of ways to do just that in London.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing trip to the capital or you want to experience the exciting hustle of city life, a break at one of our luxury hotels in London is the perfect way to make the most of your golden years. The city isn’t just for fast-moving youngsters and these suggestions of places to go will help create an amazing experience you’ll always treasure.

Bus Tour

If you’ve never been to London before, there’s no better way to get acquainted with the city than an open-top bus tour, although you may need to opt for one with a roof depending on the weather. London’s famous red buses will take you through the streets of the city and show you all of the places that many people only see in films and TV shows. Set off from our Montcalm hotels London and journey around the many fascinating neighbourhoods as you learn about the history and secrets behind the most historic parts of England’s capital.

london parliament

Parliament Square

Experience the history of London at the heart of the city’s political district. The beautiful grounds around Parliament Square provide the perfect scenic experience for elderly couples looking to hunt down history and discover the culture of London. With all kinds of monuments and statues to be found, the square is an ideal place to get out your camera and start snapping pictures for your London photo album. Be sure to stop by the famous statues of such historical figures as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi while you’re exploring.


Spa day

If you really want to relax and shake off all those years of stress, spend the day at our luxury wellness centre. Our Montcalm hotels London feature some of the best spa facilities in town with a professional team of therapists trained in different styles of massages and beauty treatments. Spend the day getting pampered and relaxing in the sauna before retiring to the hot tub and soaking until all your stress has faded. There’s no better place to escape the hustle of the streets if the big crowds of London become too much.

Tea Rooms

What beats starting your day than a piping hot cup of tea? If you’re heading to London this season you’re in luck because the city is full of luxurious tea houses that offer up some amazing brews. Whether you’re a fan of classic English tea or you want to try a different infusion of flavours, you’re sure to find the right bag at one of London’s tea houses. If you’re unsure where to go, Mayfair or Soho are good places to start.