The Best of London’s Flower Markets

Columbia Road Flower Market

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There aren’t many gifts that have the ability to suit every occasion, but flowers always seem to do the job and bring a smile. Whether you’re congratulating someone on a new job, trying to cheer someone up or looking for a romantic gesture for your partner, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers will always be well received. London is home to some of the best florists and flower markets in the country, so if you want to pick some posies or gather some roses you won’t struggle to find what you’re looking for. Here are a few of our favourite shops, stalls and markets where you can get some beautiful flowers during your city break or work trip.

Botanique Workshop

This stylish little flower shop can be found in different locations including Stoke Newington and Exmouth Market. Their vintage-style bouquets are named after areas in the Lake District and are put together with elegance and care. Pick from an assortment of classic flowers and natural accessories to make up your perfect bouquet. The colour schemes of the flowers in this quaint shop are truly beautiful, making them perfect for any occasion. Browse the selection of traditional roses, posies and daisies until you’ve crafted the perfect bunch.

Augustus Bloom

The famous florist Augustus Cavanagh specialises in eye-catching flower combinations full of life and colour. The vibrant bouquets at this popular flower shop have been featured in installations at huge retail chains such as Topman, and were the subject of the Art for Youth exhibit. The creative eccentricity of Cavanagh is shown in his use of bold colours and rare flowers to create bouquets like no other. Add a personal touch to one of our London City suites by Montcalm during your London trip with a beautiful bunch of flowers from Augustus Bloom.

The Allotment Florist

If you like the idea of more natural and rustic flower arrangements then this florist, set up by a self-taught gardener and horticulturalist, is the best place for you. The enthusiastic owner grows all of her plants in her personal allotment, along with organic fruit and vegetables. The rustic arrangement of beautifully simplistic plants is perfect for a classical wedding. Enquire about regular workshops and events to learn more about gardening and flower arrangement.

That Flower Shop

This quaint little flower shop specialises in vibrant, rich bouquets designed for different occasions. The skilled florists at That Flower Shop have put a fun twist on their creations by naming them after famous rom-com films such as Along Came Polly and Charlie’s Angels, each of which feature their own unique colour palette and design. The fun doesn’t stop there, the flower pots are all named with hilarious puns that’ll give you a good laugh when you buy your flowers.

Scarlet and Violet

This vintage-style florist has made a big name for itself in recent years thanks to its celebrity clientele and world-class bouquets. What used to be a well-kept secret is now one of the most sought after florists in London. The hidden gem is no longer hidden and can be found on Kensal Rise if you’re looking for natural flower arrangements with luxurious classical decoration. If you want to buy some beautiful flowers during your stay at The Marble Arch London then Scarlet and Violet is the perfect for all your needs.