Become a London detective

London dectective

Over the last few years urban games and escape experiences have become a lot more popular, with new companies opening up all over the country. This unique type of social experience offers a new way to play interactive games without having to sit in front of a TV screen. London is now home to a number of live action games that let players step into the shoes of detectives, spies and survivors as they race around the city trying to complete objectives and solve clues.

If you want to do something a little different during your trip to London then here are a few of the best and most immersive urban games that you can take part in during your stay at your chosen Montcalm hotel.

Raiders of the Lost Archive

If you’ve ever dreamt about hunting down clues and solving mysteries just like Indiana Jones then this immersive treasure hunt will give you the perfect opportunity to test your detective skills. Sniff out items, complete challenges and solve cryptic clues to crack this seemingly impossible cold case at one of London’s famous museums. Race against the clock and against teams of other adventurers as you explore secret areas and try to complete all the challenges within a 90 minute time frame. This thrilling and challenging experience is perfect for a group of friends on a city break in London.


Feel like James Bond or Jason Bourne as you’re thrust into a thrilling world of espionage. You’ll be briefed with a set of tasks and given documents, clues and secret messages that you’ll have to pass on without being spotted by other agents tasked with tracking you. Find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder as you feel eyes watching you and footsteps following you. You’re sure to get a thrill from this fun and immersive experience that will take you through the city streets and require you to blend into your surroundings with a disguise of your choice.


This virtual game uses augmented reality to get people up, outside and stealing things. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the game; you won’t be expected to actually steal anything or face any jail time. The new mobile-based game has taken the app world by storm with its fun and unique use of augmented reality technology.

The aim of the game is to locate virtual parcels around the city and grab hold of them before anyone else can. You then have to keep them out of the hands of other players if you want the chance to win special prizes and rewards. Our Montcalm hotel is the perfect place for you to charge up your phone and head out on your virtual adventure.

City Dash

Imagine mixing hide-and-seek with a scavenger hunt, then imagine playing it at high-speed against the clock while you have competitors hot on your heels trying to stop you getting to the finish. That’s what you can expect from this thrilling, none-stop experience. City Dash has quickly become London’s favourite urban game thanks to its unique challenges, cryptic clues and quick-paced action.