Attention Brides-To-Be: 3 Wedding Trends for 2020

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Calling all Brides-to-be – this one’s for you! Congratulations on taking the first steps towards the rest of your life. Though trends come and go and love lasts forever, keeping on-trend for your big day may be important to you and if that is, in fact, the case, then here is a simple breakdown of what trends to look forward to in 2020 and how to follow them in London.


Tradition has always played a big role in weddings, which for a number of years meant they all went down in pretty similar fashions. However, increasingly, individuality has played a key role in wedding trends, with even the Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, making room for some uniqueness by breaking some old-fashioned rules at her royal wedding to Prince Harry.

So, for 2020, the wedding being distinctly you is more prominent than ever. Inject a hefty serving of your personalities into your wedding and it will be firmly on-trend, whether it is through adding sunflowers to your bouquet or having extravagant doughnuts as your wedding cake. If you’re a fan of Indian street food, why not look to Hankies Montcalm for catering?

Tip: If you want to figure out a classy way to insert your personality into an element of your wedding without deviating too much from what is a tried and tested formula, the welcome drinks can be a great way of achieving that. Instead of a glass of bubbly (unless, of course, that is a couple-thing for you and the hubby-to-be), why not serve some kind of cocktail which shows your relationship and individuality? What about a rose-flavoured gin to represent your favourite flowers, or a candy floss garnish to show off your silly side? Whatever you choose, a personalised cocktail can make a charming impact on your big day.

Less “bridal” dresses 

For a period of time, brides were scrambling for the biggest, most flamboyant wedding dresses they could find. Think princess skirts and a lot of material. However, 2020 is trending with a much less “bridal” look in this traditional sense. While there is no steering away from the white dress – this seems to stay firmly in the zeitgeist no matter the year – designers are focusing on more elegant looks. For 2020, a dress that, if worn on the red carpet, wasn’t immediately dubbed a “wedding dress” is the look to go for. Obviously, this is not a suggestion to not have a unique dress for your special day, but rather that the dress does not need bows and eternal layers of netting in order to be a wedding dress.

Tip: London is a hotspot for designers, so if you are looking to do some wedding-dress browsing, then book yourself a weekend getaway using London Hotels Special Offers to make the most of the wonderful brands and boutiques in the city. Jenny Packham has been described as the Coco Chanel of wedding dress design and the flagship store in Mayfair is where you want to be booking an appointment for bridal fittings if you are aiming for the top line of luxury, whereas equally exquisite dresses are available for in-store shopping at stores like Halfpenny in Bloomsbury or Mirror Mirror in Angel.

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One of the most contrasting trends for 2020 is the choosing of wedding rings and bands, as well as engagement rings. Gone are the days of a surprise ring – couples are now choosing their rings together. Frankly, it seems surprising that this is such a recent development given that the receiver is the one who must wear the ring ‘til death do them part. Ring designers have expressed relief with this trend – not only is it helpful in terms of sizing and satisfaction, but it also signifies a stage in matrimony whereby people have started to fully recognise the importance of teamwork. It is important that both of you love the rings, but especially brides as it will become a fashion piece that must then merge with your lifestyle and clothing choices. This trend does not, however, aim to take the fun and surprise out of a proposal – many men are opting to give temporary rings during the proposal in order to maintain the exciting element of surprise but also ensuring the pressure to pick something you will love without consulting you is relieved.

Tip: Whether you are staying on the doorstep of world-famous department stores like Harrods or Selfridges whilst staying in London, or slightly further east in luxury hotels like Barbican Rooms By Montcalmyou are going to want to gravitate towards them regardless. They are both full of designer jewellery brands for you and your groom’s perusal. It is important to do this rather than heading to individual flagship stores because it gives you a variety and it means that even if you don’t buy something on the day you visit, you start getting a feel for what is out there, what you want and whether you want to consider getting one individually made. From Tiffany & Co. to De Beers, the one thing that certainly won’t be amiss is choice if you do your ring-shopping in London.

There is a lot in store for you in 2020 – both literally and figuratively. In shopping stores, there are endless rings and dresses to choose from, more than has ever been available in the past. Metaphorically, you will be starting on a brand new adventure with the love of your life. Ultimately, the day is about you and what you want, but if what you want is to stay within trends and keep on top of what the world of weddings is up to, then keep these three trends in mind and you are set for success.