A Weekend In London – Getting To Know The City On A Short Timeframe

A Weekend In London - Getting To Know The City On A Short Timeframe

London is a city that spans nearly 1500 square kilometres, quite a large size for a weekend stay at the Montcalm Spa. With 32 boroughs, a museum for every two days of the year and many sources of entertainment and culture, it’s no surprise that London is such a popular tourist destination, especially over the summer holidays and even more so for a week, even two in the city. Even with 14 days, you’d probably find it difficult to fit everything you want into your visit to the English capital.

That being said, there are all-encompassing, horizon-broadening options for your short visit to London. Guests of the Montcalm London Marble Arch are well placed to enjoy many of the sights and sounds of the city with short travel times and walking distances. This blog will explore some of the ways you can enjoy London in a short time frame and still scratch under the surface of the city. 

Day One

Day one should be all about getting to know your local area and getting to know London. Fortunately, guests of Montcalm Hotel deals are staying in the heart of the action!

Hyde Park 

Start your day with a wander around London’s most famous royal park. Hyde Park is full of surprises, including beautiful sculptures and monuments and even a boating lake. Have a coffee at the Serpentine Cafe and admire the beautiful swans like drops of snow on the green.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington GardensOnce part of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens has its own personality, full of more landscaped gardens and historic monuments. It tends to be quieter here than Hyde Park, but there’s still plenty to see, including a contemporary art gallery – The Serpentine – that’s free to visit.

See Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham PalaceIf you book in advance, you can enjoy tours around the Royal Family’s headquarters State Rooms. If you were unlucky with tickets or simply don’t have the time, you can still admire the palace and the red jacketed royal guards stationed outside its gates.

Afternoon Tea

Retreat to the Montcalm Hotel for lunch and enjoy one of their famous and revitalising Montcalm afternoon teas, a truly British treat with a menu for all tastes. 

Exhibition Road

After refuelling, head down to Exhibition Road and wander around one of its three free museums. You won’t have time for all of them, so choose wisely. 

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert MuseumThe V&A was founded by Prince Albert and is dedicated to the decorative and applied arts. With thousands of years worth of artefacts, the V&A has one of the largest collections of its kind in the world as well as temporary exhibitions exploring the lives and work of Frida Kahlo, Alexander McQueen and many other famous artists and designers.

Natural History Museum

Natural History MuseumA paean to the work of Charles Darwin who;s many discoveries helped to mould this beautiful museum, the NAtural History Museum is teeming with family friendly exhibits concerning dinosaurs, marine life and even space rocks!

Science Museum

With plenty of interactive exhibits and experiments to keep the kids entertained, the Science Museum is the perfect family outing on Exhibition Road. Experiment with echoes, static electricity, and learn about the functions of the human body. Whether child or adult, this is an entertaining and charming museum. 

An Evening In Soho

Wind down your day with a trip to Soho in the evening. Brimming with restaurants and bars, you have plenty of choice for dining, not least the spectacular ChinaTown. If you’re not completely worn out, book a ticket for one of the many comedy, theatre and musical shows that makes Soho the entertainment hotspot that it’s been since the early 20th century. 

Day Two

Day Two should be about extending your reach further than the classic attractions. London is a city of many layers and with only two days at your disposal, there’s only so much you can see.

Morning Walk Along The South Bank

That being said, there’s still plenty to see, especially with a simple walk along the Thames where many of the most prominent attractions lie. You’ll be able to see the Houses of Parliament, National Theatre, Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre by simply walking along the Thames.

London Eye

London EyeThe London Eye is located beside Waterloo Station on the South Bank. With 32 capsules and a height of 135 metres, you can see for tens of miles from the top of the London Eye. Better still for time strapped tourists, the London Eye takes only half an hour to complete a full revolution, not counting waiting time. If you’re on a schedule, book in advance to avoid the queues. 

Borough Market For Lunch

Head to Borough Market’s historic food stalls for lunch. With a wealth of options and roughly a hundred food-focused stalls to choose from, the world is your oyster this lunchtime, and you can probably enjoy shellfish too!

Tour The Tower Of London

Take a walk along the magnificent Tower Bridge to Tower Hill. Here you’ll find the Tower of London and its rich history of executions, crown jewels and exotic animals. A tour of the Tower of London will provide you with an extensive history of the city.

Museum Of London

The Museum of London will further deepen your understanding of London. Free to visit and located in the Barbican area, this museum explores the prehistoric history of the city, the Roman, Mediaeval and Victorian history of the city through beautiful exhibits and jaw dropping artefacts. Furthermore, it’s completely free to visit!

Bars And Evening Entertainment In Shoreditch

Finish off your day in London with a visit to East London’s Shoreditch area. This buzzing nightlife hotspot is teeming with life, music events and Bangladeshi curry houses along Brick Lane, a perfect medley to finish off your London adventure. Brick Lane and its surrounding area is home to a wealth of beautiful record stores, restaurants and attractions to see you into the night. Make sure you don’t miss your transport home though!