A Walk to Tower Bridge: How to Get There and What to See Along the Way

towr bridge

One of the best ways to see London is on foot. It gives you the time to see London from the ground level, with the freedom to stop and do whatever you please. There are few things better than pounding the pavements of the capital and finding your own way to your destination.

A walk to Tower Bridge from Montcalm Marble Arch is the perfect way to see a plethora of sights, and your ultimate destination isn’t too shabby either.

Finding Your Way

The best route for making your way from Montcalm Marble Arch is to proceed straight to Great Cumberland Place. From there head towards Seymour Street until you hit Bryanston Street. Move along Bryanston Street until you find Portman Street, and then hang a right.

Portman Street will take you right to the famous Oxford Street. Not long after you reach Oxford Street, you will see the unmistakable Selfridges store up ahead. Pop in for shopping or something to eat if you need to build your energy reserves or just, you know, because it’s Selfridges. Even if you don’t get a chance to nip in, Montcalm Central London hotels are well placed and put you within touching distance for a deferred shopping trip.

Moving along Oxford Street, you will see the flagship HMV Oxford Street location ahead, with the gigantic Disney Oxford Street store right across the road. As you move along Oxford Street, you’ll see Oxford Circus up ahead, right where Regent Street cuts across. Oxford Circus is always buzzing, no matter the time of day, and it’s an iconic side of the capital.

The Second Leg

As you keep on going along Oxford Street, you might want to take a slight detour and check out Soho Square Gardens, which is just a right turn down Soho Street. It’s a beautiful, hidden away space and a great place to get the wind back in your sails.

From here, take a right onto Charing Cross Road and then left onto St Giles High Street. This will take you past the renowned Shaftesbury Theatre, so maybe take the time to see what’s on for future reference. The street will merge onto High Holborn here and that’s how you know you’re still on the right track. Follow High Holborn and there’s no way you can get lost! Following this route, you will soon find yourself beside the Old Bailey Chambers, some of the oldest and most well-known legal buildings in the world.

As long as you’re on Newgate Street, you are still moving in the right direction and you might also spot Christchurch Greyfriars Park as you move along Newgate, which features the remains of a 12th century church and a later effort from Christopher Wren that burned down in the 1600s.

From here, follow Cheapside until you get to King William Street. This will take you right to Lower Thames Street and a straight shoot to Tower Bridge, which you will be able to see in the distance. No matter where you choose to stay, Montcalm central London hotels put you in prime position to make your pilgrimage to Tower Bridge.

Once at your destination, drink in the history and the surroundings and maybe grab some lunch – you’ve earned it!