A London For All Seasons – What To Do Over The Year In London


London is a multi-layered city that provides a wealth of activities and entertainment at any time of the year. Whilst you may not get a chance to visit every season, it’s worth remembering that all months of the year provide something truly special and unique. Whether you’re staying at 5 star hotels in London during the winter or summer, there’ll undoubtedly be something to fill your day.

It’s easy to see the flexibility of London simply from its bars and restaurants. You can expect the Chiswell Street Dining Rooms to open up terraces and outdoor seating during the warmer months, whilst seasonal menus are always on offer. Many other aspects of the city have a certain versatility to them, including the parks, entertainment and decorations. This blog will outline how each season brings something new to London, and how you can enjoy some of the city’s landmarks and iconic attractions in different ways.


Winter in London can be rather temperamental weather-wise. Whether it’s the snow, the rain or the biting cold, locals still brave the bad weather thanks to the many winter attractions and events that take place through the city. 

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a seasonal staple of London, sprinkling magic across Hyde Park through November and December. A great example of the kind of outdoor event that draws crowds out of the warm and into the brisk breezes of London, Winter Wonderland is a heady mixture of funfair amusements, Christmas stalls and festive themed bars and eateries. The lights, the sounds and the festive cheer are enough to warm your hearts, even if the weather’s dropping to the minus!

Christmas Lights

Christmas LightsThe Christmas Lights of Oxford Street and Carnaby Street are of particular note, but when the sun sets earlier and the weather outside is frightful, many high streets in London more than make up for it. A Christmas tradition all across London, the lights are magical enough for you to make a tour of them.

Warming Pubs

Warming PubsFrom mulled wine to warming real ales, the pubs of London are some of the most beautiful and rustic in the country. Winter is the perfect time to settle in at one of the many historic bars in the city thanks to the warming atmospheres and great pub grub. Wherever you are in London, you can expect at least one of the establishments nearby to have more than a century of history.


SpringLondon is known as a forest city, with over 18 percent of the region being made up of public green space. A perfect time to explore the nature reserves and urban parks of London is in the spring. This is an especially ideal time for guests of the spa at Montcalm Hyde Park to visit thanks to its proximity to the royal parks of London, many of which burst into bloom during spring. 

Trafalgar Square And The Passion Of Jesus

Another often overlooked but equally atmospheric festivity in the city is the Easter season, where many public spaces reenact or celebrate the crucifixion story with actors. The most prominent of these is the Trafalgar Square rendition, an atmospheric and well attended event right in the heart of London. 

Botanic Gardens Bloom

From Kew Gardens to the Ancient Chelsea Physic Garden, West London is the perfect place to visit in spring due to its abundance of Botanic Gardens. Whether you’re a horticulturist or you’re just looking for a tranquil green space to roam around, London’s botany scene is second to none.


From seasonal summer menus at the Crescent Restaurant and Lounge to barbecues in your favourite park, London is a perfect summer locale – so long as you prepare for temperamental weather! 

London Park Music Festivals

London’s summer is one of the best times of year for music lovers to visit the city. Victoria Park and Hyde Park are the hard hitters with All Points East and British Summer Time respectively, whilst BBC Proms In The Park is a more refined affair for classical music lovers. 

Open Air Theatre

Whilst the globe Theatre might be open all year round, you can bet on being less distracted by a gale force wind in the summertime – although you might get unlucky. Alongside Shakespeare’s own theatre on the South Bank, the summer sees the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre open to classic revivals and family favourites. 2022 will see Legally Blonde The Musical onstage as well as 101 Dalmations and classic Greek Tragedy Antigone.

London Pride

Summer in London wouldn’t be right without London Pride, the city’s official LGBTQ parade and festival. Taking over stages through the city centre, the colourful festival celebrates sexuality and gender in all its forms. 

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill CarnivalNotting HIll Carnival takes place on the bank holiday weekend bounding August and September and celebrates the Afrocaribbean and West Indian population of West London’s Notting Hill area through a parade and sound systems pumping out garage, Dancehall and R&B.


Autumn in London brings a truly atmospheric experience to visitors. The weather might be cooling down but the events really heat up.

London Film Festival

Usually taking place in mid-October, the glamorous London Film Festival is a great way to get out of the rain and is one of the most anticipated film festivals in the UK, showcasing and debuting some of the next years best movies as well short films, documentaries and Q&As with some of the best filmmakers in the world. 

London Bonfire Night 

London Bonfire NightWith firework displays taking place all across the city, London’s Bonfire NIght is one to remember, if not only because it is the city where the tradition first started. Commemorating the failed assassination attempt by Guy Fawkes in the infamous gunpowder plot on the Houses of Parliament. The failed killing of King James I was initially used as anti-catholic propaganda but has evolved into a more celebratory affair without religious connotations. Wrap up warm and head down to Alexander’s Palace Park or the South Bank to see some of the atmospheric firework displays every 5th of November in London.