A history of the Magic Circle in London


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The best thing about London is the diverse culture that can be found around every corner. The Magic Circle is a wonderful example of how London has become a place where any interest or institution can flourish.

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Performance magic is believed to have been around since ancient Egypt when street merchants would use cups and balls to trick locals and win their money. Fast forward thousands of years to 1905 when a group of 23 magicians sat around a table at Pinoli’s Restaurant in London and that was the moment when the Magic Circle was born. The name was decided upon collaboratively by the entire group, however, the initial idea was to name the institute after the founder member, Martin Chapender.

After officially establishing the institution, the members began meeting regularly to discuss new developments in the industry, share ideas and organise events. At the time, there was no official residence of the Magic Circle so the members would organise meetings at local venues and public houses. Many of these locations, such as the Green House, were places where many of the members would often perform. It wasn’t until several years later when, through a series of donations from members and enthusiasts, the Magic Circle headquarters on Euston Street was opened.

The Magic Circle quickly became the centre of the conjuring world in Britain. Magicians from all over the country and the world would travel there to meet the members, share secrets and uncover the rich history of the institute. It wasn’t until 1991 when a majority vote allowed women to become members. During this time, the membership had grown to be in the hundreds. Some of the most famous magicians in history were members of the Magic Circle including Paul Daniels, Derren Brown and David Devant.

In 1906, the very first edition of the Magic Circle Magazine was published and became one of the most popular publications in the world of magic. It continued to be sold throughout the years and holds the title as the longest-running magic magazine in the world. In addition to that, the Magic Circle opened its doors to the public with the creation of a magic museum and a stage for public performances.

Today, the Magic Circle remains to be the most iconic institution in the world of performance magic. The biggest names in the industry such as Dynamo and Derren Brown visit regularly to share their secrets and learn from the best magicians in the world. If you’re planning a trip to London, check out what events are coming up and book some tickets for the Magic Circle.