7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied on a Long-Haul Flight

Keep Your Kids Occupied on a Long-Haul Flight

Travelling with kids is rarely straightforward. Long haul flights mean lots of times for children to get bored, or tired, or stressed – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the trip much more relaxing and enjoyable for all of you.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to keep kids occupied on longer flights.

Bring Healthy Snacks

Few kids can resist a good snack, but on a long haul flight there is no time for them to go through a sugar high and the following crash. Instead, opt for healthy treats which will satisfy their hunger but ensure they still feel their best.

Snacks can also be used to help calm kids down if they’re feeling restless, as it gives them something else to think about during air travel. Stay away from crisps and sugary treats which offer little nutritional value, and instead go for fruit, vegetables and other yummy (and natural) foods.

This same principle applies to the food you order for your kids on the plane. If you aren’t able to get snacks before boarding, then be sure to choose the healthiest dishes on the airline menu for a much more pleasant flight on your way to London and a stay at the Montcalm.

Remember the toys

Kids will be comforted by the presence of a beloved cuddly toy, and they take up only minimal room in your hand luggage. This simple addition to your packing could help provide hours of peace and ensure the kids feel much better on the flight.

Choose their favourite cuddly toy and it could also serve as a pillow during the trip, helping them rest and get plenty of sleep! This is essential to a well-rested and happy child on a lengthy flight, and will surely lead to a better trip for everyone.

Bring Colouring Books

This is a handy tool for younger kids and toddlers, as it will let them unleash their creativity during the flight. Colouring books also tend to be thinner than other types of book, meaning they slot safely into your hand luggage with minimal fuss.

There are lots of different colouring books on the market, so you can tailor your choice to the interests of your child. Remember to pack the other things required to make a colouring book extra fun, such as colouring pens, stickers and any other additions you think will help keep them entertained!

These books will also ensure that the kids can keep colouring when you visit the Montcalm Shoreditch spa, and you might even encourage their more creative side long after the holiday itself is over. 

Pack plenty of clothes

Depending on the length of your flight, you may need the kids to change clothes somewhere along the way. This is particularly important if you have to change flights along the way, or you have younger children who are accident-prone.

Packing pyjamas for flying at night is another great way to help kids stick to their routine. It will help them acclimatise to a better sleep and a better mood once they wake up! Anything you can do to help them feel more secure while you’re headed for your destination is a positive step, so even if you will be arriving in time to put them to bed, remember to stick to their usual routine for the first evening.

We recommend packing a couple of pairs of underwear for the children, some socks and a change of shirt or top for them as well. In colder weather, bring a jumper or sweatshirt to help keep kids cosy. Even in warmer climates, the altitude of planes can leave kids feeling a little chilly, so this is always a handy item to pack for your travels.

Bring travel board games

Older children will also need plenty of entertainment, and while staring at screens will keep them occupied for a while, something which encourages them to think and problem solve is also a handy tool.

Full-scale board games are much too big to pack in your hand luggage, but a mini board game (or two) will make the ideal addition to your travels. This tool will also prove useful when you arrive at your accommodation, ensuring that any idle moments between sightseeing while enjoying London hotels special offers are filled with fun activities.

Plan your itinerary

Kids of all ages will enjoy talking about the things you’ll do when you touch down in London. Breaks of all types are the ideal time for some family bonding and sightseeing, so chat to them about the activities they’ll be able to take part in and the things you’re all going to see.

There is so much to do in the UK capital, and even just reminding the kids of your plans to enjoy a Montcalm afternoon tea will give them something to look forward to, and help make the flight itself feel much more tolerable.

Pack some electronic entertainment

While we advocate for other forms of entertainment, sometimes nothing keeps kids entertained quite as well as an iPad, iPhone or laptop. Computer games are also a handy way to ensure children have something to look at, and can prove quite useful for kids who have an innate fear of flying.

The immersive nature of television, film and computer games means they will captivate them and stop children from focusing too much on everything happening on-board. On a long-haul flight you are likely to also have access to in-flight entertainment, but we recommend that you don’t rely on this.

Instead of ensuring kids have to choose from whatever your airline thinks they’ll want to watch, you have the chance to ensure there is entertainment you already know they love. Use this opportunity to pack films, games and shows they’re familiar and comfortable with, and ensure the devices are well-charged to prevent any setbacks.