6 Unusual London Date Ideas to Wow your Other Half

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London is one of the biggest cities on the planet. There are more bars and restaurants than anyone could visit in a lifetime. But sometimes you need something a little bit different from the usual eateries to make a date special.

And there are so many other things the capital has to offer. Whether it’s culture, kitsch or white-water rafting, London has got your back.

Below, we’ll run through six ideas that will make for a different kind of date.

God’s Own Junkyard

A dazzling collection of neon and off-the-wall, collected pieces, God’s Own Junkyard is a repository for the colourful and the artfully garish.

Created by artist Chris Bracey as a focal point for his work – Bracey has worked on many feature films, creating pieces for Stanley Kubrick and the ‘Captain America’ film to name a couple of examples – God’s own Junkyard is a unique and fascinating place.

As well as getting lost amongst the neon signage, artworks and curios, you can also enjoy a cream tea or alcoholic beverage of choice at the on-site ‘Rolling Scones Café’.

Ghost Bus Tours

Part sightseeing tour, part bus-conveyed theatre, The Ghost Bus Tours offers a trip through London’s creepier locales, whilst onboard actors spice up the journey.

Riding on a retro 1960’s Routemaster Bus, you’ll get to see many of the capital’s most famous sites – from the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London – and learn all about their respective ghosts, ghoulies and grisly histories.

Special tours take place at Halloween, but run through the week all year long. It’s a unusual, informative and fun experience that will make for a unique date.

Chislehurst Caves

London never ceases to amaze and the Chislehurst Caves are a prime example of the sheer breadth of stuff to do around the capital.

Covering over twenty miles of underground tunnels carved from the chalk stone prevalent underneath London, the caves date back 8,000 years! Featured in TV and film, the caves are an amazing way to spend an hour, as you tread back over thousands of years of history.

Kayak Down the Thames

There are many ways to see London but kayaking along the Thames has to be one of the most interesting and fun ways to do it.

Kayaking London offers you the chance to see London Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and other iconic London landmarks from a point of view not many get to experience.  If you’re staying at The Brewery Hotel, Chiswell Street, a kayaking tour is the perfect way to see London from another angle.

The Grill at the Montcalm

Inside the luxurious confines of the Montcalm Hotel on London’s Great Cumberland Place, The Grill at the Montcalm is a great place to take in your surroundings and enjoy some amazing food.

Right in the centre of London, taking in dinner at The Grill at the Montcalm is the perfect way to ruminate on a day well spent. Sophisticated and contemporary, the menu emphasises traditional, fresh ingredients and offers one of the most serene atmospheres of any London eatery.


Skiing is probably not something most people expect to find in London, but it’s there if you know where to look. Chel-Ski is right off the Kings Road, a 45-minute journey from The Brewery Hotel, Chiswell Street, and offers skiing fun for the beginner and expert.

Snowboarding is also available and there’s nothing quite like hitting the powder and knowing you’re right in the heart of London. After a tiring ski, you might want to take the opportunity to hit up the on-site Alpine Bar.