5 reasons why you should visit London on your gap year

London Visit

Every year, thousands of bright, young students venture out into the world to get their fill of experience before knuckling down with their studies. There are a lot of popular gap year destinations but London is undoubtedly one of the cities with plenty to offer.

Our London City Suites by Montcalm are perfect for any gap year students in search of new experiences. It is close to some of the best places to visit in London and will keep you comfortable on your trip. Not convinced? Here are some of the many other reasons to check out London on your gap year.

Free museums

Despite having a reputation for being one of the most expensive places in the UK, there is actually a lot you can do for free in London. A large number of museums and galleries throughout the city are free to enter which means you won’t have to spend a fortune if you’re sticking to a student budget. Head over to Cromwell Road to see the famous dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum or take a trip to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to see the incredible collection of rare artwork.

Colourful history

The history of London stretches back to the ancient Roman Empire. After invading England, the Romans created what was then known as Londinium. Over the centuries, the natural landscape, local architecture and social culture have gone through many changes. It is this evolution which has helped London become the cultural melting pot that it is today. There are plenty of historic sites like the London Wall where you can learn all about the city’s past.

Professional links

London is at the heart of the UK’s business world and is home to thousands of leading companies and organisations. It is a city packed full of opportunities for aspiring young professionals that are trying to get their foot in the door. Although your gap year should be a time for exploration and relaxation, a trip to London is a great chance for you to make connections and start networking with professionals in your field.

Great entertainment

If there’s one thing you’ll never struggle to find in London, it’s entertainment. The city boasts some of the biggest and most iconic venues in the world as well as a long list of smaller independent ones. Whether you’re looking for laughs or you prefer dramatic performances, there’s something for everyone. Take a trip to the vibrant Camden Town and check out the local music scene or experience the magic of the West End and check out one of the award-winning plays.


If you feel like treating yourself before you begin your student life of eating instant noodles, London is the place to do it. There are a number of famous shopping districts and department stores around the city where you can find everything from vintage fashion to cutting-edge gadgets. Take a stroll down Oxford Street and check out the high-end fashion designers or check out Brick Lane Market for more alternative styles.