5 Hidden Gems Off the Beaten Track For Regular Visitors Who Think They’ve Seen It All

Little Venice, London

Every visit to London gives ample opportunity to discover something new. As a city which combines the historic and the pioneering, even after visiting London several times, it can still feel as though you are barely scratching the surface. This handy guide will help you uncover five of the best hidden gems London has to offer…

Camden Passage

Camden Passage

Nestled away in Islington, Camden Passage is one of a kind, with cutesy cafes, boutiques and vintage stores where you can find all sorts of unique finds perfect for gift-giving or treating yourself to something extra special while staying at the Montcalm at the Brewery London. There are also plentiful antiques stores selling everything from London curiosities to furniture, kitchenware and memorabilia.

Little Venice

Little Venice London

There’s a reason why London’s own answer to the incredible waterways of Venice has earned this name, and yet it’s a lesser-known spot even amongst the most seasoned of visitors to the city. As well as incredible houseboats and natural beauty, the area is full of delightful cafes, pubs and restaurants, allowing you to refuel while enjoying your journey. There are boat tours available if you’d prefer to see Little Venice from the water during your stay at The Montcalm Marble Arch too.

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace and Gardens

London is known for its stunning palaces, yet this is one of the most obscure of all. Having started life as a medieval palace, Eltham was the childhood home of King Henry VIII. Centuries later, it was transformed by millionaires who purchased the property and turned it into the art-deco paradise it is today.

With a 1930’s look and feel, the palace is still filled with the extravagant furnishings of the era, as well as plenty of historic technology. Nearly 20 acres of manicured gardens surround the property, including a moat and ancient bridge. If you’d like to visit a stunning palace off the beaten track while staying at the M by Montcalm, this is a great place to start.

Postman’s Park

This delightful London park earned its name thanks to early popularity with local Post Office workers, who would regularly enjoy lunch here. Today, its home to a poignant commemoration to acts of bravery, and a relaxing space where locals come to reflect, making it a top undiscovered London pick.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Gardens of Kensington Palace in London

A remarkable area of green space which is often overlooked by both visitors and locals, the Chelsea Physic Garden was first built in 1673, and includes the city’s oldest botanic garden. There are thousands of varieties of plant here, all representing a different herbal purpose in bygone eras. While seemingly forgotten when many are planning their trip to the city, it’s well worth a look on your next visit, particularly if you want to see an area of London which has remained largely untouched by development and urbanisation for centuries.