The 3 Best Attractions For Technology Fans

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London has been the centre of technological advancements in the UK for centuries, with many totally revolutionary inventions able to trace their roots back to the city. The industrial revolution began in London and the nation’s brightest minds have continued this momentum ever since. Today, ground breaking research takes place across the capital but that doesn’t mean today’s scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs have forgotten the past.

There are many museums and attraction in London dedicated to the city’s technological heritage and packed with technological artefacts which pay testament to the city’s great accomplishments.

If you’re a gadget lover, a science fan or simply love new technology, don’t leave home without reading studying our tips for tech-savvy travellers in London.

The Google Campus is a Must See

Google is one of the biggest tech brands on the planet and an intrinsic part of day to day life for most of us. In addition to its search engine, Google has branched out into a number of other areas, experimenting with driverless cars, renewable energy, artificial intelligence and social communities via its Campus scheme. A global project, the search engine has built social spaces in cities across the world and dubbed each of them a Google Campus.

Each venue has been created for technology enthusiasts and software developers and provides a place for brilliant, enquiring minds to come together and share ideas. The London location is a technological paradise that provides thinking space for the industry leaders of tomorrow. Members of the public can visit the campus and tour its futuristic tech labs. Talks, lectures and guided tours are offered throughout the year.

Don’t Miss The London Transport Museum

Transport Museum

Britain’s push to continually develop new transport technologies has fuelled London’s growth and helped it develop into the city that it is today. Advancements in rail and road vehicles have made it possible for residents and visitors to travel around the city with ease – a freedom of movement that has benefitted trade and tourism and contributed to further development, new industries, employment and opportunities.

The London Transport Museum showcases some of the amazing technologies behind this evolution. Browse the huge collection of over 450,000 items and artefacts including refurbished machinery, blueprints, drawings and photographs. Learn about the history of the Underground and the painstaking process of building one of the oldest and most complex subway systems in the world.

See Robots in Real Life

This is one of our favourite tips for tech savvy travellers! Head to The Science Museum in London and make a beeline for the robots display. Here you’ll see some of the world’s leading cutting-edge robotic and animatronic technology up close. You will be taken on a journey through time as you learn about the progressive evolution of robotics, from 500 year old machinery to futuristic cyborgs. The interactive exhibits and activities at the Science Museum will help children and adults to learn more about the process of building robotic machinery. The friendly droids will say hello as you walk by, which is what really brings this wondrous exhibit to life.

If you’re a tech-buff and you’re heading to London, then these suggestions will hopefully point you in the right direction.