12 Best Fitness Classes in London

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London is home to a varied and comprehensive fitness scene, ensuring there’s plenty of great activities for you to try regardless of your current fitness level and your overall fitness goals and interests.

Whether you’re eager to try something new or just want to ensure you keep on top of your wellness during your stay in London, the options are almost limitless.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the best fitness classes to head for on your next trip to the city, with classes for all budgets.

fitness in london

1.) 1 Rebel

One of London’s best fitness classes takes place in six separate city locations, with a combination of activities encompassing everything from treadmill workouts to weights. Each action is focused on specific muscle groups, ensuring a comprehensive feel-good workout.

The latest studio opened in Summer 2019, and there are more studios planned in the coming months. The classes have already attained a fantastic reputation with London’s fitness fans, offering the opportunity to burn around 1000 calories in a single 45 minute session.

2.) Swing Patrol

Ever wondered what it’s like to swing dance? Then get yourself to a Swing Patrol class when you’re next staying at the Montcalm Royal London House. With classes across London, this is a great way to engage with a popular dance which also has a lot of history to it – getting fit at the same time.

These classes are particularly fun when shared with fellow visitors, so be sure to bring along a friend.

3.) Barry’s Bootcamp

Bootcamp classes continue to grow in popularity, thanks to their ability to effectively prompt the attendee into greater self-discipline. The classes also have a tremendous ability to burn calories. Barry’s Bootcamp promises the opportunity to burn around 1000 calories per session, all while giving your metabolism a much-needed boost through both cardio and weight training activities.

The classes take place throughout the city, and are both effective and affordable.

4.) Pineapple Dance Studios

Offering everything from ballet to street dance classes, Soho’s Pineapple Dance Studios is the dream location for many of the city’s most talented dancers. Classes are affordable and effective, giving both aspiring professional dancers and guests at Montcalm Hotel London a chance to engage with some of the world’s most significant dance disciplines.

5.) Core Collective

A simple, whole body workout which takes just 45 minutes, and will allow you to work on your muscle strength, core and overall physique during this brief time frame. Each class is sure to help combat ‘problem’ areas and also improve balance and endurance.

If you’re looking for a basic workout which will keep you active during your stay in London, then this is a fantastic option.

6.) Flykick

A studio dedicated to kick boxing, Flykick is the first boutique space of its kind in London, and has continued to grow in popularity since launching in 2018.

Here you can enjoy a high-octane 55-minute class which combines some of the most popular modern fitness techniques, including everything from core work to kick boxing, HIIT and basic stretching exercises.

At the end of each session, you’ll be in no doubt that you’ve worked key muscle groups – and the space has recently launched another class called Flykick Strength, which provides a full body workout in just 45 minutes.

7.) Sweaty Betty

This class combines both ‘normal’ boxing and kick boxing, alongside some additional Thai boxing principles. Based primarily in Covent Garden, these classes also appear in a special ‘pop up’ format and take place around the city, giving a taster of the main event.

During your stay at The Brewery London, attending one of these classes is a fantastic way to take part in a popular London fitness discipline.

8.) Heartcore

For Pilates devotees who really want to push their limits, this dynamic approach to the discipline offers a spacious, airy studio with comprehensive classes focusing on boosted strength, tone and posture.

The classes are also suited to those who are only just getting started with Pilates, allowing you to move at your own pace as you get to grips with the movements it entails.

9.) Crossfit London

Crossfit is one of the world’s most popular workouts, and this Bethnal Green base is the perfect backdrop for a high-intensity workout with like-minded individuals. During each class, you’ll get to know more about your body’s own capabilities, building them over time.

A Crossfit class includes both strength training and group workouts, and this class is a great way to get to know more about a fitness craze which has a strong global following. If you’re feeling particularly pleased with your workout accomplishments, then you can always celebrate with a few drinks at The Aviary London.

10.) SoulCycle

First originating in New York, SoulCycle opened its London venue in 2019, and has already started to develop a strong following. The exercise classes themselves take about 45 minutes to complete, and focus largely on cardio and strength training.

The venue also offers a range of delicious smoothies and healthy treats, which are the perfect respite after a choreographed class to an impressive playlist of dance tracks.

11.) The Refinery

For fans of Barre, The Refinery is a top London space which offers ballet-inspired workouts. There are plenty of great classes to choose from which each focus on a different fitness goal. Based in Hackney, it’s a good location to try whether you’re an established Barre aficionado or want to try a different kind of workout on your next trip to London.

12.) Frame

With classes all over the city, Frame provides a ‘Total Body’ class which condenses down all the fitness principles of their classes to create one designed specifically for anyone who already has a high level of personal health and fitness.

The class includes lots of cardiovascular exercises as well as plenty of mat work, ensuring a full body workout.