10 Essential Things to Pack for a Business

Business trip to London

Packing for a business trip requires extra special care and attention, helping to ensure that you achieve your goals while travelling – yet can still fit all the essentials into a suitcase.

There are no specific rules for business trip packing, and depending on your industry you may have additional requirements. However, the following ten essential items will help set you on the right path for a successful journey and a pleasant stay.

Whether your trip is short or extended, here are some of the most important things to take with you when you travel…

1.) A Smart Jacket

No matter what kind of business trip you are planning, you’ll need a smart jacket to see you through. This will enable you to go from meeting to meeting and even enjoy less formal events while staying at Barbican Rooms by Montcalm – all safe in the knowledge you look the part.

A smart jacket

Go for good tailoring and avoid anything too flashy or on-trend. Simplicity is key, particularly if you have limited packing space. If you’re bringing a little more luggage, then you also have more room to manoeuvre – and can pack a few more pieces to give you added variety.

2.) Pen and Paper

When technology fails, there’s nothing quite like ensuring you have a simple pen and paper to hand! While you’re just as likely to try taking notes on your phone or another mobile device, be sure to pack these straightforward tools before you head on a business trip.

Pen and paper

You can easily stow them in luggage without worrying about using up too much room, and it’ll give you extra peace of mind when you enjoy London hotels special offers.

3.) A Laptop

A compact laptop or netbook is another essential for any business trip. While smaller mobile devices can be immensely useful, you never know when you might need to type something up, send a long e-mail or simply browse the web on a large screen.

A business laptop

All of these things are much simpler on a laptop than on your phone, and bringing a laptop will also provide some added peace of mind. Try not to bring tech which is outdated or unnecessarily cumbersome, as this will take up room in your packing which can be used for other items.

4.) Business Cards

Some professionals think business cards are becoming a thing of the past, but for now they remain an essential item in a wide variety of industries.

Business cards

They are also a helpful way of quickly and simply passing on your contact details to potential future colleagues and business partners. If you don’t already have cards of your own, then consider investing in a few – and be sure to add them to your packing when you head for the Montcalm Hotel London.

5.) Phone Charger

You’re unlikely to forget your phone itself, but its easy to misplace or forget about the charger. Be sure to pack this essential item when travelling, as many business trips have been negatively impacted by losing contact!

Phone Charger

If you would like to be extra cautious, then bring a spare phone battery along, too. This will help you deal with all possible eventualities, and also enable you to quickly switch the battery when you are not able to charge up.

6.) A Smart Coat

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, so you could easily find yourself caught in a sudden downpour or in need of a cosy coat to wrap up in! We recommend choosing timeless styles which are smart enough to wear in a business situation, yet don’t make you feel out of place when walking London’s streets.

A Smart Coat

If you’re lucky, then your business trip will include at least a little time for sightseeing, and it would be a shame to miss out for fear of feeling overdressed. Choose neutral colours and items which make you feel your best, as your coat could be the first glimpse colleagues see of your business attire, particularly during the colder months of the year.

7.) A USB/Flash drive

A USB or Flash drive

From vital reports to essential presentations, a flash drive is one of your best friends while travelling on business. They are also very important if you need to quickly transfer information to people you meet.

Bring at least one and keep it with you during your travels.

8.) Spare shoes

You never know what might happen, so be sure to bring at least two pairs of shoes with you on your business trip. Ensure each is smart enough to be presentable in a business situation, yet also comfortable enough to be able to walk around with ease for several hours.

If you’ll be having business meetings during the day and perhaps meeting with clients later for dinner at Hankies Montcalm during the trip, this is all the more important. You probably won’t have time to change, so adaptive, flexible pieces are packing essentials.

9.) A name badge

Depending on the kind of business trip you have upcoming, a name badge with generic font, colour and background is a very handy piece of your working toolkit. Frequent business travellers know that sometimes names are forgotten, and that in the worst case scenario you could discover a badge with incorrect spelling waiting for you in a conference room.

To avoid this kind of embarrassing mishap, pack your own version and keep it with you before you go to your meetings.

10.) A sturdy suitcase

Wherever you’re going, you’ll never regret investing in a sturdy, reliable suitcase. Some of the cheaper options on the market can fall apart after only a couple of trips, so its worth spending a little more on quality items if possible.

Adjust the size depending on whether you traditionally travel with compact hand luggage or check-in your bags for travel. If you can, opt for a suitcase with four wheels to help make it more mobile on your trips.